Walk Your Talk

  • Engage in activities related to your field of interest; this helps demonstrate your motivation and commitment.

Apply Early and Take Ownership

  • Apply in advance of the deadline date to ensure that you have time to ask questions and get technical issues resolved.
  • Utilize all available resources – if you have a question, peruse the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on this application website to see if you can find an answer.
  • Be accountable, even for required materials that someone else is submitting.
    • You are responsible for ensuring that individuals submitting materials on your behalf (e.g. the teacher/counselor nominator for high school applicants or the recommender and advisor for college applicants) submits in time for you to submit your application by the deadline. Incomplete applications result in disqualification.

Work Hard on Your Essays

  • Use most or all of the space allotted for essay questions.
    • Clear, specific, and concise writing is recommended. However, word limits for essays are tight. Essays that use half or less of the allotted space often do not provide enough information and may convey a lack of effort.
  • Pay attention to grammar, spelling, capitalization, and punctuation.

Communicate with Professionalism and Courtesy

  • When calling or e-mailing Kaiser Permanente, communicate in a professional manner.
    • Voice mail messages – speak clearly; include phone number and first/last name.
    • Email messages – include a “subject” line and first/last name.
    • You can send or leave messages after business hours, but do not request that calls or emails be returned outside of business hours.
  • Give teacher nominators/letter writers plenty of advance notice when inquiring about whether they will nominate/recommend you.
  • Send “thank you” notes to nominators/letter writers.